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PDK and CMSI have partnered to help school districts analyze and improve all integral systems that drive curriculum
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PDK International has teamed with Curriculum Management Solutions, Inc., (CMSI) one of the leading auditors and evaluators of school districts and systems for over 40 years. Together we’re focusing on providing you with the tools, insight and expertise needed to improve what is essential for successful  of teacher and student outcomes.

Curriculum Audits

Since its creation, the Curriculum Management Audit™ (CMA) has been the premier tool for school districts to analyze the effectiveness of policies, systems, and practices at a central office and school level.   

The CMA follows business management principles  and produces a comprehensive report that diagnoses strengths and weaknesses of a district’s systems.  From there, the CMA then recommends concrete actions that boards and superintendents can take to improve student learning and teacher efficacy in their systems.

The CMA can be modified in a number of ways to suit the needs of districts. Some of those ways include:


  • Small Schools Audit– Specifically developed for districts with fewer than 2500 students, this level provides the same diagnostic analysis, but scaled to fit the capacity of the smaller system.
  • Individual School Audit–The ISA is a diagnostic process designed to reveal the extent to which the administration and professional staff of a school have developed and implemented a sound approach for improved student achievement.
  • Program-Specific Audit — Each program-specific audit focuses on the content area or areas selected by the district. Past program-specific audits included but are not limited to in Special Education, English Language Learner programs, Gifted Education, English/language Arts, Math, Science Curriculum Alignment, Social Studies, and Technology.

"When you rethink a school district, it is critical to have the kind of data a Curriculum Audit can give you . . ."

3 Tiers of Audit Training

Level 1 Audit Training

Our basic level training includes a 3-day intensive overview of the principles of curriculum design and assessment, while introducing participants to an entirely new way to view curriculum.

This training provides new perspectives on effective management practices within school systems. These principles are built around our core audit standards: Control, Direction, Equity & Connectivity, Feedback, and Productivity.

Level II Audit Training

Completion of Level 1 CMAT is recommended prior to attending Level 2.

Focused on instructional leadership positions such as superintendents, district and school instructional leaders, and those seeking to become curriculum management auditors, Level II trains these leaders on how to examine and evaluate system-based issues in order to improve all aspects of school operations.

This three-day training is designed to prepare instructional leaders to examine and evaluate system-based issues to optimize the delivery of effective teaching and learning.

Along with an overview of the foundational audit premise of the alignment of the written, taught, and tested curricula, the workshop also addresses topics related to policy, organizational structure, system-level planning, managing change, and prioritizing goals.

Level III Audit Training

Participants who wish to pursue licensure as a Curriculum Auditor must apply for admittance to Level III training.

Candidates will work collaboratively with other participants through the processes of collecting and analyzing data, conducting interviews, triangulating evidence, and writing findings and recommendations.  Upon successful completion of this level, participants will be certified to serve as interns on at least one Curriculum Management Audit™.

"Once you are certified by CMSi to be an auditor, you are eligible to work on contracts they bring in . . ."

Our Partnership with CMSI

For over 40 years, Curriculum Management Solutions, Inc., CMSi, has shaped how the auditing and evaluating of curriculum has grown in public and private schools here and around the world.  Since their first audit in of the Columbus Public Schools in 1979, CMSi has assisted over thousands of schools in over a dozen languages.  Learn more about their history and methodologies here.


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